Guni-Guni Full Movie (2012)

Guni-Guni Movie stars an ensemble cast led by Gina Alajar, Julia Clarete, Benjamin Alves, Empress Schuck, Ria Garcia, and Lovi Poe as a young woman who lives in a boarding house haunted by ghosts and also has personal dark secrets that slowly drive her crazy.

Produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Tara Illenberger, this Pinoy horror film has been graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

Guni-Guni Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Lovi Poe plays Mylene Catillo, a beautiful young woman who lives in a boarding house along with her best friend Joanna (Empress Schuck), her medical student and a psychic.

She has a boyfriend Paolo (Benjamin Alves), whom she wants to break up with after he cheated on her but desperately wants her back. The house is owned by Tatay Nanding (Jaime Fabregas), an old man who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Also living in the house are Mrs. Arevalo (Gina Alajar) a middle-aged drunkard who waits for her son to come back; Alicia (Ria Garcia), a pregnant border; and Vangie (Julia Clarete), the Yaya of her autistic nephew Jay-jay. In desperation for money, Mylene agrees to perform an abortion, which later led to terror brought by the evil force of an unborn child in the boarding house 30 years ago. Her dark secret is also set to be revealed.

Guni-Guni Movie Cast

Lovi Poe, Empress Schuck, Benjamin Alves, Gina Alajar, Jaime Fabregas, Julia Clarete, James Blanco, Neil Ryan Sese, Gerald Pesigan, Ria Garcia, Isay Alvarez, Ces Quesada, Chinggoy Alonzo, Zeppi Borromeo, Guji Lorenzana, Minco Fabregas, Raqs Regalado, John Judelei Junio, Sajj Geronimo, Angelica Mae Gaji, Raizen Hizon, Jasmine Pacague, Ann Buñales, Wowee Ilejay, Michael James Valiente, and many more.

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