Biyernes Santo Full Movie (2021)

Biyernes Santo is a 2021 Philippine horror film written and directed by Pedring Lopez. It was produced by BlackOps Studios Asia and distributed by Viva Entertainment.

The film is about a father who takes his daughter, who is traumatized by demon attacks, to a rest house in time for holy week. He enlists the help of his spiritual healer cousin to protect her. But as they got nearer to Good Friday, the dark force intensified.

Biyernes Santo Movie Plot

Biyernes Santo follows Roy Asuncion, a former Senator who brings his daughter Aurora to a rest house in a distant province for the Holy Week. Aurora is still traumatized a year later after her mother died in a gruesome supernatural attack. The senator enlists the help of his distant cousin and a young, talented spiritual healer Grace to protect Aurora from dark forces that seem to haunt his family every Holy Week.

As the week progresses, Roy, Aurora, and Grace lock themselves inside the rest house which had been prepared to protect them from demonic attacks from past experience. By Good Friday, the evil forces intensify – with Jesus dead – forcing Roy and Grace to overcome their personal differences in order to protect Aurora.

Biyernes Santo Movie Cast

Ella Cruz, Andrea Del Rosario, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Via Ortega, Gardo Versoza

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