Barbara Reimagined Full Movie (2019)

Barbara Reimagined is the remake of the 1995 psychological horror film directed by Chito S. Roño. This time, Benedict Mique and Christopher Ad Castillo direct with Nathalie Hart playing Barbara.

This is the second remake of the film. The first was in 1974. It was also made for TV as a mini-series in 2008.

Barbara Reimagined Movie Plot

In this modern re-telling, Barbara comes home for the funeral of her younger sister Karen who committed suicide.

As she assumes the duties of her sister’s daughter, Isabelle, she finds comfort in Karen’s husband, James, who also happened to be her ex-boyfriend.

With her unstable niece Isabelle needing a mother and finding herself falling in love again with James, Barbara decides to stay. This is when strange events happen as Karen’s ghost comes back and starts to haunt them The haunting progress as we get a dark and sinister twist at the end which will leave audiences off guard.

Barbara Reimagined Movie Cast

JC de Vera, Nathalie Hart, Mariel De Leon, Xia Vigor, Chanel Latorre, Pau Benitez, Krisha Doroy, Mariel Lyka Policarpio, Diana Alferez, Vince Tañada, Maya Tesorero

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