Barang Full Movie (2006)

Barang Movie stars an ensemble cast led by Juliana Palermo, Dianne Marquez, Mike Tan, Jay Manalo, Cristine Reyes, and Jaclyn Jose and is about a young woman who died after being a victim of barang (a kind of witchcraft), and now wants to revenge.

Produced by Northern Star Production and directed by Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan, this Pinoy horror movie won the Best Child Actor for Christian Luis Singson at the 2007 FAMAS Awards.

Barang Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with a young woman named Igna (Juliana Palermo), the daughter of Rigor (Cloyd Robinson) who suffered from an unknown disease infecting her skin and face and eventually died. Apparently, doctors could not tell her cause of death, but several town residents believe that she has been a victim of a mambararang, a kind of witch who uses insects to kill its victims. During Igna’s wake, Olga (Cristine Reyes), Carlo (Mike Tan), Thalia (Dianne Marquez), and their 2 other friends are on their way to visit Igna.

The group had a road accident after ghosts appeared in front of them and their van hit a tree. Upon arrival, they learned that Igna is dead. It turned out that manggagamot Ramona (Jaclyn Jose) tried to cure her but she failed. Ramona has a young son Tikboy (Christian Luis Singson), who claims he can see ghosts and even Igna. Later, it was revealed that the mambararang is Nana Ursula (Liza Lorena) and she is now after Olga, Carlo, and Thalia. But can Ramona help them?

Barang Movie Cast

Juliana Palermo, Jay Manalo, Jaclyn Jose, Christian Luis Singson, Liza Lorena, Maria Isabel Lopez, Cristine Reyes, Mike Tan, Dianne Marquez, Vangie Labalan, Jimmy Concepcion, Cloyd Robinson, Terence Baylon, Betong, Crystal King, Danny Labra, Albert Sumaya Jr., Pipoy Jr., Susan Corpuz, Jack Gamboa, Julius Cabading, Poy De Los Reyes, Mon Lacsamana, Elvin Gatdula, Chelsea Singson, Christopher Singson, Charmaine Singson, Trisha Sabalboro, Nichole Sabalboro, Yanesa Yen, Cecille Baun, Jonalyn Cardoza, Alex Montenegro, Emil Cristobal, Patrick Regucero, Eddie Boy Elizalde, and many more.

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