Ang Babaeng Putik Full Movie (2000)

Ang Babaeng Putik is a 2000 Filipino horror thriller film starring Carlos Morales and Klaudia Koronel.

The film is written by Andrew Paredes and directed by Rico Maria Ilarde. In a decade where sexy films are topping the Philippine box office, Klaudia Koronel makes a big leap to start in a non-sexy film.

Ang Babaeng Putik Movie Plot

Mark is a college student with hidden ambitions of being a horror novelist. In his quest to write a story that will showcase his talents, a true horror invades his private life in the form of a beautiful, goddess-like woman who mysteriously emerges from inside a giant fruit. Little does he know that what appears to be a fantasy come true is actually a nightmare that’s become frighteningly real.

Ang Babaeng Putik Movie Cast

Carlos Morales, Klaudia Koronel, Marcus Madrigal, John Arcilla, Caloy Alde, Joanne Miller, Dido de la Paz, Ronald Asinas, Olga Natividad, Aki Zabarte, Rigor Diaz, Greg Rocero, Roel Lacap, Ahven Dumilon, Arman Cunanan, Jake Bahian, Paulo Ilarde,

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