Amalanhig: The Vampire Chronicles Full Movie (2017)

Amalanhig: The Vampire Chronicles is a 2017 Filipino horror film starring Jerico Estregan, Sanya Lopez, and Raymond Cabral.

It was written by Jonathan Jimenez and directed by Francis Posadas and Gorio Vicuna. Viva Films and Vic Val Blue Sapphire Productions produced and distributed the film.

Amalanhig: The Vampire Chronicles Movie Plot

Nelly, Dan, Vann, Terry, and Jake together with Goerge, Dan’s balikbayan cousin, decided to conduct research about vampirism and faith healing based on folk fanaticism and cultic practices. I

n the pursuit of the answer to prove the existence of vampirism as a medical condition, they ventured to an unknown place to the San Esteban. The object of their study is to interview a cult leader and faith healer known as Amang Kulas.

Amalanhig: The Vampire Chronicles Movie Cast

Jerico Estregan, Sanya Lopez, Raymond Cabral, Lianne Valentin, Tyler Dela Cruz, Lilia Cuntapay, Nonong de Andres, Nick Alladin, Donrico De Castro, Robert Miller, Marife Necesito, Ricky Boy Cervantes

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