Wild and Free Full Movie (2018)

Wild and Free is a 2018 Filipino romance film starring Derrick Monasterio and Sanya Lopez in lead roles.

Produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc., directed by Connie Macatuno, and written by Angeli Delgado, the film marks the first time both actors work together.

The film is also notable for its numerous intimate scenes, another first for both leads. Wild and Free is rated R-13.

Wild and Free Movie Plot

The film centers on the relationship between Jake (Monasterio) and Ellie (Lopez). Ellie, though one may say fate or destiny, picks up her ex-boyfriend Jake while she is working as a driver, the world she thought she had left behind starts to come into view again.

In the middle of Metro Manila traffic, they reminisce about their past relationship. Suddenly, as though Cupid struck and found his mark twice, the passion they had once felt is rekindled.

Amidst the throes of longing for one another, they reestablish their previous relationship. Their passion and lust become more and more palpable as the film goes on, as it finally crescendos just before the inevitable climax.

Meanwhile, Jake’s family life is instantly thrown into the mix when Jake and his mother (played by Chesca Diaz) discover a dark secret that Ellie has been hiding from Jake.

The dark storm cloud brewing dormant over the pair in the beginning instantly begins crackling, threatening to rain over their renewed bliss. Will their love for one another survive this time? Or will enough finally be enough for the pair?

Wild and Free Movie Cast

Derrick Monasterio, Sanya Lopez, Ash Ortega, Juancho Trivino, Chesca Diaz, John Vic de Guzman, Khaki Ramirez, John Leo, JM Martinez, Migz Paraiso, Jay-R Ramos, Lollie Mara, Lotlot Bustamante, and Kayla Heredia.

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