Water Lemon Full Movie (2015)

Water Lemon is a 2015 Filipino drama film directed by Lemuel Lorca and written by Lilit Reyes. It stars Junjun Quintana, Tessie Tomas, and Meryll Soriano in the leading roles. The film was produced by Blue Sky Productions and Tuko Film Productions.

Water Lemon Plot

Water Lemon is set in the coastal town of Mauban, Quezon, where the mundane lives of a grieving widow, a socially handicapped genius, and a helpless grandfather interconnect to create bumps in their flatline lives.

Water Lemon Cast

Junjun Quintana, Tessie Tomas, Meryll Soriano, Alessandra de Rossi, Lou Veloso, Lui Manansala, Menggie Cobarrubias, Daniel Marsh

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