Wanted: Pamilya Banal Full Movie (1989)

Wanted Pamilya Banal Wanted: Pamilya Banal is an action-filled family drama starring FPJ and Cristina Gonzales. Wanted: Pamilya Banal revolves around the bitter rivalry between two brothers and its effect on the people around them.

The movie was originally a DZRH Radio serial written by Rey Langit. This movie was also produced by FPJ Productions and directed by Pablo Santiago.

Wanted: Pamilya Banal Movie Plot Summary

Victor Banal (Fernando Poe Jr) is a happily married man to Lorena Banal (Charo Santos), his childhood sweetheart. The movie depicts that the Banal Family is a wealthy family. Their youngest daughter, Clarissa, is celebrating her 18th birthday and everyone is excited about the party.

Everything was going fine and everyone was happy when Victor’s younger brother, Jem Banal (Zandro Zamora), and his family attended the party. Jude (John Regala) inherited his father’s behavior, degraded his cousin Clarissa which cause chaos to the party, and the hatred towards Victor and Jem’s family grew. Their step-mother, Doña Marissa Banal (Armida Siquion-Reyna) wanted her husband’s wealth to be distributed only to Jem and hers only, blackmailing her husband’s lawyers to side with them.

Their family business is also at stake when the employees at the plant rallied because of their small pay. Now, not only Jem hated Victor but their sons hated each other as well. They even had a fight in a car shop.

Victor sided with the plant employees, promising that he will give them back what they deserve. Jem’s and his stepmother heightened when his son, Jude died in a drag race with his cousin Jerome, blaming Jerome for Jude’s life, breaking their family bond.

Jerome meets the same fate when a group of men beat him while he is with his girlfriend. Victor found out who beat his son and who hired them to do such a thing. Jem and his stepmother hired Castro (Paquito Diaz) to kill Victor’s entire family so that they can rob his inheritance. He must desperately fight to defend his family against this gunman, his brother, and Doña Marissa.

Wanted Pamilya Banal Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Charo Santos, Armida Siquion-Reyna, Rosemarie Girl, Zandro Zamora, Dranreb Belleza, John Regala, Cristina Gonzales, Ann Kimper, Paquito Diaz, Clausia Luz, Pinky Consuji, Geneve Aragon, Charlie Davao, Jose Romulo, and many more.

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