Walang Take Two Full Movie (2015)

Walang Take Two is a 2015 Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Carlo Ortega Cuevas and written by Cuevas, Dennis Bustamante, and Stephanie Mayo. It stars John Stevenson Tabangay, Wilson Tapalla, and Dennis Rey Garcia among others.

Walang Take Two is a prequel to 2018 movie Hapi ang Buhay: The Musical.

Walang Take Two Plot

“Walang Take Two” tells the story of an aspiring filmmaker, Hapi, as he desperately tries to fund and produce his first indie film. Out of options, Hapi takes out a big loan from the local loan shark, Alfajor.

The twists in Hapi’s life and those around him, punctuated with hilarious comedic situations and dramatic turns of events, are something that all audiences would appreciate.

Discover how Hapi and his group of friends, managed to work together, to make Hapi’s dreams come true.

Walang Take Two Cast

John Stevenson Tabangay, Erbil Escano Jr., Edward Rudolph Flores, Joyce Gabion, Wilson Tapalla, Virgilio Reyes, Kim Cordero, Dennis Garcia

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