Utopia Full Movie (2019)

The movie Utopia, winner of Best Production Design during the Cinema One Digital Film Festival (2019), is a Filipino crime comedy film directed by Dustin Celestino and Dustin Uy. The story was written by Celestino, himself, together with their creative consultant, Moira Lang, and produced by Shandii Bacolod and her Team MSB. This movie is said to be created in the style of Quintin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch”

Utopia Movie Plot

The movie revolves around the encounter of three main characters, a freelance videographer named Mike (Enzo Pineda), Ian who is a rookie police officer (Aaron Villaflor), and an undercover PDEA agent who goes by the alias Playboy (Joem Bascon).

In the first part of the movie, several crimes are being portrayed—harassment, drugs, stealing, killings, and corruption. It tells several crime stories happening in Manila. All at the same time. While the main characters are trying to play their role in society, a sudden event happened one fateful night that changed everything in the narrow streets of Metro Manila.

The film both humanizes and strongly condemns the villains. This allows us to understand why the characters do what they do while strengthening the idea that compassion does not equate to tolerance. The director and writer make it clear that each of the character’s backgrounds and upbringing will never excuse him from the evil acts he’s done.

Celestino, has a different perspective when he tackled and approached the absurdities of the social issues or crimes he presented in the film thus, adding different humor in his masterpiece. His irreverent sense of comedy will keep the movie away from being too much of a lecture on ethics.

Utopia Movie Cast

Other casts of this film are Simon Ibarra, Richard Manabat, Mark Manicad, Diva Montelaba, Brian Sy, Karen Toyoshima, Frances Ignacio, Pontri Bernardo, Cedrick Juan, Nikko Delos Santos, Rener Concepcion, Jackie Lou Blanco, and Joel Saracho.

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