Upline Downline Full Movie (2016)

Upline Downline is a 2016 Philippine drama film written and directed by George Vail Cabrisante. It stars Matt Evans, Ritz Azul, and Alex Castro among others, and was produced by the Alliance for Networkers of the Philippines Organization.

Upline Downline Storyline

A financially struggling young man supporting his family enters the world of multilevel marketing.

It tells the story of Richard, who at the start of the movie is stuck in a series of dead-end contractual jobs, and is unable to provide for his live-in girlfriend Ann.

He runs into his old friend Carlo, who takes the couple in when they’re evicted from their apartment.

Carlo, as it turns out, is an unscrupulous businessman involved in a shady MLM scam.

While Richard joins a legitimate MLM firm, his story is contrasted with that of Carlo, who continues to dabble in illegal practices.

Upline Downline Cast

Matt Evans, Ritz Azul, Alex Castro, Snooky Serna, Juan Rodrigo, Ynez Veneracion, Rez Cortez, Jojo Alejar, Zyrus Imperial, Ali Forbes, Joseph Lim, Jay-Ar Rosales, Anthony Jay Ricafort

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