Untrue Full Movie (2019)

Untrue, written and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, is the opening film of the 2019 QCinema International Film Festival in celebration of the Philippine Cinema’s 100th anniversary.

This was produced by The IdeaFirst Company and Viva Films and served as Bernardo’s follow-up movie to her blockbuster film Kita Kita released last July 2017. It featured the first team-up of Cristine Reyes and Xian Liam.

Untrue Movie Plot

In the film, Christine Reyes, playing Mara Villanueva, searches for her husband, Joachim Castro, portrayed by Xian Lim. Mara seemed to have been domestically abused and is seeking the help of Georgian police.

This encounter started Mara’s narration of her and Joachim’s unfortunate love story. They bumped into each other three months prior then officially met at a restaurant. They got married after a three-month courtship which eventually turned into an abusive relationship. In the end, Mara described her husband as problematic and mentally unstable.

On the other hand, Joachim is sharing his side of the story with a therapist, but this time, Mara is being described in a completely opposite way.

Contrary to the previous image of Mara, Joachim describes her as an edgy and feisty woman. This is where the narrative unfolds into a series of lies and truths between Mara and Joachim’s stories.

Untrue Movie Cast

Cristine Reyes, Xian Lim, Rhen Escano, George Lasha, and many more.

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