Tu Pug Imatuy Full Movie (2019)

Tu Pug Imatuy is a 2017 Philippine independent drama film about the life of an indigenous Lumad couple. The film stars Malona Sulatan, Jong Monzon, and Luis Georlin Banaag III. It was written and directed by Arnel Barbarona, produced by Red Motion Media, and distributed by Sinag Maynila and Solar Pictures.

Tu Pug Imatuy Movie Plot

Tu Pug Imatuy, which means “The right to kill” in Manobo, follows Lumad couple Obunay and Dawin who are uprooted from their traditional way of life after a military encounter. Soon, they find themselves unwilling instruments in the soldiers’ anti-guerilla operations. What will it take for them to reunite with their family? Inspired by actual events, the film tackles the Manobos’ struggles against environmental plunder and the militarization of their communities.

Tu Pug Imatuy Movie Cast

Malona Sulatan, Jong Monzon, Luis Georlin Banaag III, Jamee Rivera, Jillian Khayle Barbarona, Henyo Ehem, Mentroso Malibato, Nona Ruth Sarmiento, Bhong Del Rosario

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