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Transit Movie stars Irma Adlawan, Ping Medina, Mercedes Cabral, Marc Justine Alvarez, Jasmine Curtis, and is the story about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Israel when the government enacted a law to deport Israeli-born children of migrant workers unless they met very specific criteria.

Transit Full MovieProduced by TEN17P Productions and Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment and directed by Hannah Espia, this Pinoy indie drama film won 23 major awards in various award-giving bodies local and abroad.

Transit Movie Plot Summary

The story takes place sometime between 2009 and 2010 when the Israeli government announced that children aged 5 years old and below and born to foreign workers will be deported.

Ping Medina plays Moises, a caregiver and a single father to his 4-year old son Joshua (Marc Justine Alvarez), who was born in Israel. And because of the new strict law and afraid that his son will be separated from him, Moises hides her son inside their home.

On the other hand, Irma Adlawan plays Janet, Moises’ neighbor who takes care of Joshua while Moises is at work has a teenage daughter Yael (Jasmine Curtis). Yael has an Israeli boyfriend and Omri (Omer Juran) and she refuses to identify herself as a Filipino.

Meanwhile, Mercedes Cabral plays Tina, Janet’s friend has just arrived from the Philippines and witnessed the hardships of the two worried parents.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Transit Movie:

2013 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

* Audience Award (New Breed) – Hannah Espia
* Best Film (New Breed) – Hannah Espia
* Best Original Music Score (New Breed) – Mon Espia
* Best Editing (New Breed – Benjamin Gonzales Tolentino and Hannah Espia
* Best Cinematography (New Breed) – Ber Cruz Lyle Sacris
* Best Actress (New Breed) – Irma Adlawan
* Best Supporting Actress (New Breed) – Jasmine Curtis
* Best Director (New Breed) – Hannah Espia
* NETPAC Award (New Breed) – Hannah Espia
* Special Citation – Irma Adlawan, Ping Medina, Jasmine Curtis, Mercedes Cabral, Marc Justine Alvarez, Yatzuck Azuz

2015 FEST New Directors/New Films Festival

* Audience Award Best Feature Film – Hannah Espia

2014 Gawad Urian Awards

* Best Direction – Hannah Espia

2014 Golden Screen Awards

* Gawad Lino Brocka Award Best Cinematography – Lyle Sacris and Ber Cruz
* Golden Screen Award Best Motion Picture (Drama)
* Breakthrough Performance by an Actress – Jasmine Curtis
* Breakthrough Performance by an Actor – Marc Justine Alvarez
* Best Director – Hannah Espia
* Best Original Screenplay – Giancarlo Abrahan and Hannah Espia
* Best Editing – Benjamin Gonzales Tolentino and Hannah Espia
* Best Production Design – Thesa Tang
* Best Musical Score – Mon Espia

2013 Busan International Film Festival

* New Currents Award (Special Mention) – Hannah Espia

2013 Tokyo FILMeX Awards

* Student Jury Prize – Hannah Espia

Transit Movie Cast

Irma Adlawan, Ping Medina, Mercedes Cabral, Marc Justine Alvarez, Jasmine Curtis, Yatzuck Azuz, Omer Juran, Hana Raz, Perla Bronstein, Toni Gonzaga, and Roy Shamriz

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