Totoy Mola Full Movie (1997)

Totoy Mola is a 1997 Flipino drama film produced and directed by Abbo De La Cruz (as Rico Mambo). The film is one of the most controversial yet popular films during the decade of the “bed” film wave.

Totoy Mola Movie Plot

Sebastian (Totoy Mola) moves to Manila to start a new life after the tragic death of his girlfriend. He becomes a paid entertainer and gets involved with two women. It ends in violence as one of the women, in a fit of jealousy, cuts off his reproductive organs.

Totoy Mola Movie Cast

Jay Manalo, Dindi Gallardo, Sabrina M., Aya Medel, Cindy Moreno, Dencio Padilla, Cita Astals, Joji Isla, Rustica Carpio, Janice Jurado, Jezzelle Ramirez, Jun Encarnacion, Wilson Go,

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