Toto Full Movie (2015)

Toto is a 2015 Filipino comedy-drama film starring Sid Lucero, Thou Reyes, and Mara Lopez. The film was directed by John Paul Su and written by Su and Donald Martin.

Toto won 9 different awards from different film festivals and was nominated in the 2015 Gawad Urian Awards. It was produced by Toto SCM Production and Central Digital Lab.

Toto Plot

When a young Filipino hotel worker schemes to attain a U.S. visa put the lives of his loved ones in danger, he is forced to question the extremity of his actions and re-evaluate the cost of fulfilling his dreams.

Toto Cast

Sid Lucero,Thou Reyes, Mara Lopez, Neil Ryan Sese, Liza Diño, Blake Boyd, David C. Farmer, Bibeth Orteza, Bembol Roco, Jelson Bay, Che Ramos, Raul Montesa, Marnie Lapus, Rafael Siguion-Reyna

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