Torotot Full Movie (2008)

Torotot is a 2008 drama film produced and directed by Maryo J. de Los Reyes. The film features Maui Taylor in the titular role with Baron Geisler and Yul Siervo in the supporting cast.

The film was one of the more controversial films of the late 2000s but managed to have a decent box office record.

Torotot Plot

Torotot explores the story of two couples, why and how their marriages crumble, and how their infidelity and passion brought them tragic endings.

Leo and Marie are having marital problems because the woman is spending too much time with her pet dogs. This prompts Leo, the art director of the ad agency, to have a one-night stand. Marie then confronts her husband about his infidelity and plots her own revenge.

Another couple experiencing marital problems featured in the movie is composed of Gabby and Rita. The husband has a personal problem but Rita doesn’t mind at all. That is until she meets the very aggressive Gaston (a married meat vendor) who awakens her appetite for forbidden passion.

Torotot Cast

Maui Taylor, Yul Servo, Baron Geisler, Precious Adona, Anton Bernardo, Maricar De Mesa, Andrew Schimmer, Caloy Alde, Flora Gasser, Dionne Monsanto, Sarah Pagcaliwagan, Tara Montes, Janna Trias, Anna Castro, Virga, Ollie Espino, Froilan Sales, David Granado, Rowena Morales, Vic Belaro, James Gonzales, Raymond Gorospe, Avid Razul, Joey Faller,

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