Tisay Full Movie (2016)

Tisay is a 2016 Philippine drama film written and directed by Borgy Torre. It stars JC De Vera, Nathalie Hart, and Joel Torre among others. It was distributed by Cinemaone Originals.

Tisay Plot

In the world of semi-pro basketball, a beautiful bookie recruits a promising player to the underworld of game-fixing.

Tisay is a beautiful woman who works as a middle woman for a gambling kingpin. He fixes games of semi-pro basketball and she collects bets from blue-collar workers, sometimes using sex to get things done.

She finds it impossible to be so cold to her next mark, Simon, a talented basketball player who can make it into the professional leagues if he keeps playing.

Simon, a good-natured and idealistic person, falls in love with Tisay but has to deal with a world filled with shams, crime, and violence if he wants to stay with her but it is Tisay who has to make the choice to escape her background.

Tisay Cast

JC De Vera, Nathalie Hart, Isabel Granada, Angeline Mailes, and Joel Torre

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