The Virgin Wife Full Movie (2001)

The Virgin Wife, released in February of 2001, is a “Pinoy Klasik” (Filipino Classic) Filipino drama film, starring Piel Morena.

The movie was produced and distributed by FLT Films International and directed by Jose Nadal Carreon, known for writing and directing Sambahin ang Ngalan Mo in 1998. Virgin Wife is the first movie of Piel Morena and Leandro Baldemor together with Tonton Gutierrez and Ace Espinosa.

The Virgin Wife Movie Plot

The movie features the marriage life of Paula, played by Piel Morena, who lives under a “curse.” Steve (Tonton), a businessman and also one of Paula’s childhood friends, died on the night of their wedding day. After a year, due to hardships in life, Paula decided to leave her home and work as a dancer in a clubhouse in Manila.

While working in the club, Paula met Alfredo (Julio Diaz) again. Alfredo is a rich man whom Paula’s grandfather is in debt. Later on, Alfredo asked her to marry him; Paula accepted Alfredo’s proposal, but on their honeymoon, Alfredo ended up like Steve: dead.

Believing that the deaths of Paula’s husbands aren’t just a coincidence, Norman (Ace), a police detective, shared with Jason (Leandro), a police reporter, his plan to marry her. Paula agreed to marry Norman despite the tragic end of her previous marriages.

On their first night as husband and wife, Norman shared the same fate of Steve and Alfredo. To prove that the “curse” is just make-believe, Jason asked Paula, the woman who got married three times and became a widower for the same instance, to marry him. Will they be able to prove that the curse is not real?

The Virgin Wife Movie Cast

Piel Morena, Tonton Gutierrez, Leandro Baldemor, Ace Espinosa, Julio Diaz, Izza Ignacio, Rosanna Magdalena, Pamela Ortiz, Jean Saburit, and many more.

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