The Other Wife Full Movie (2021)

The Other Wife is a 2021 Philippine drama film written by Fatrick Tabada and directed by Prime Crus. The film stars Lovie Poe, Joem bascon, and Rhen Escano. It was produced under Viva Films and was distributed exclusively by Vivamax.

The Other Wife Movie Plot

The Other Wife revolves around the story of a husband and wife Janis (Poe) and Ronnie (Bascon), a troubled couple trying to fix their marriage. To make it work, they decide to spend time alone in their secluded beach house.

Luisa (Escaño), Ronnie’s childhood friend, suddenly shows up as soon as Janis and Ronnie arrive, setting off a series of strange and frightening events.

To begin with, Janis sees a woman, but can’t tell who it is. She then finds her personal things – from her hairbrush to her soap – appearing as if someone had already used them. Baffled and scared, she tells her husband about the strange goings-on in their home, only to be told none of it is true. Ronnie insists they’re alone.

Could Janis be losing her mind? Or is there really a woman who comes and goes to the beach house, having a torrid affair with Ronnie?

The Other Wife Movie Cast

Lovi Poe, Joem Bascon, Rhen Escano

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