The Breakup Playlist Full Movie

The Breakup Playlist Movie stars Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo and is about two musicians who fell in love with each other but will face several challenges, including breaking up.

The Breakup PlaylistProduced by Star Cinema and Viva Films and directed by Dan Villegas, this love story drama film received Grade A rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board and earned 7 nominations including Movie Actress of the Year for Sarah G at the 2016 Star Awards for Movies.

The Breakup Playlist Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Piolo Pascual plays Gino Avila, a rock singer while Sarah Geronimo plays Trixie David, a law student who loves to sing. Gino met Trixie while humming a song and offered to be the lead vocalist of his band. Trixie agreed as long as her studies will not be affected. But in the process, they can’t help but eventually fall for each other and become lovers. But just like other relationships, Gino and Trixie faced several challenges.

First, Trixie really wants to be a professional singer someday but her strict mother (Rio Locsin) wants her to be a lawyer. At some point, Gino being an egocentric person felt that he is less appreciated. And unlike other romantic comedy films, this Piolo-Sarah G first movie together starts with the two main characters in the middle of a heated argument that led to a breakup. Then, it featured flashbacks to explain what happened earlier.

The Breakup Playlist Movie Cast

Piolo Pascual, Sarah Geronimo, Rio Locsin, Dennis Padilla, Badjie Mortiz, Teddy Corpuz, Anna Luna, Jett Pangan, Cris Villonco, Maris Racal, Diego Loyzaga, Basti Artadi, Annicka Dolonius, Jan Marini, Encar Benedicto, Menggie Cobarrubias, Axel Torres, Vicky Ruston, Kelvin Yu, France Bonnin, Niki Soriano, Jamie Rivera, Jungee Marcelo, Jimmy Antiporda, and many more.

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