The Annulment Full Movie (2019)

The Annulment is a 2019 Filipino melodrama film and the first Filipino film in the country to focus on the process of annulment.

It was a story highlighting the legal aspects of the process between a mismatched couple Sherwin and Gari, led by Joem Bascon and Lovi Poe, who cannot get over their economic and personal differences. The film was directed by MacArthur Alejandre and was produced under Regal Films.

The Annulment Movie Plot

The film begins at a birthday party with the very first encounter between Sherwin and Gabi. Sherwin (Joem Bascon) is a part-time mechanic and also a waiter who falls hard for a rich girl named Gari (Lovi Poe) and despite the obvious gap in their social status, the two eventually end up getting married, much to the contempt of Gari’s parents.

Sherwin and Gari have several romantic scenes in the film, showing the different types of circumstances that can intensify a marriage’s need for intimacy. There are also romantic scenes of Sherwin with Samantha (Myrtle Sarrosa) which might also feel a bit too awkward for the movie as well.

After a few years, problems occurred and cracks widened the gap between them in their relationship, and the decision to annul their marriage became more appealing than ever before. Created by frustration after failure, strong-minded Gari is calling for an annulment to set herself free with all the hardest situations that came throughout their relationship.

The Annulment Movie Cast

Lovi Poe, Joem Bascon, Myrtle Sarrosa, JC Tiuseco, Laura Victoria Lehmann, Dianne Medina, Erika Padilla, Nikka Valencia, Manuel Chua, Nico Antonio, Matt Daclan, John Leo, Naya Amore, Johnny Revilla, Ana Abad Santos, and many more.

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