Tatlong Bibe Full Movie (2017)

Tatlong Bibe is a 2017 Philippine drama film written and directed by Joven Tan. The film stars child singing sensation Lyca Gairanod with Raikko Mateo and Marco Masa in the leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Regis Films and Entertainment.

Tatlong Bibe Movie Plot

Based on a famous nursery rhyme with the same name, the movie centers on Noah (Marco Masa), a boy who has been left by his mother (Angel Aquino) under the care of an aunt (Rita Avila) who isn’t really intent on caring for him. Noah becomes the caretaker of 3 abandoned ducks whose fates are conveniently connected to the extraneous stories in the film.

Tatlong Bibe Movie Cast

Raikko Mateo, Marco Masa, Dionisia Pacquiao, Angel Aquino, Eddie Garcia, Rita Avila, Victor Neri, Ronnie Lazaro, Edgar Allan Guzman

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