Tatak Kriminal Full Movie (1993)

Tatak Kriminal is a heavy drama action film about a man who was deprived of his rights to his daughter after being released from prison.

The film stars Eddie Garcia in the titular role, with Tetchie Agbayani as his ex-wife, Johnny Delgado, and Beth Tamayo as his daughter.

Tatak Kriminal Summary

Gojo was living a normal life when framed up thus resulting in the murder of another person. After serving years in prison, his only mission is to find his daughter who was taken away by his wife when she lived with another man, Bito.

Bito, a powerful businessman, is maltreating his wife and attempted to rape his stepdaughter. Gojo, who was working as a taxi cab was informed that his daughter is in danger so he had to do everything to save her.

Tatak Kriminal Cast

Tetchie Agbayani, Johnny Delgado, Jean Saburit, Berting Labra, Beth Tamayo, Fred Moro, Manjo Del Mundo, Romy Romulo, Rey Solo, Edwin Reyes, Nonoy De Guzman, Eddie Tuazon, Vangie Labalan, Beth Bautista, Ester Chavez

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