Tanabata’s Wife Full Movie (2018)

Tanabata’s Wife is a 2018 Philippine independent drama film written by Sinai Hamada and directed by Lito Casaje, Charlson L. Ong, and Choy Pangilinan. The film was ToFarm’s FilmFest 2018 Official Entry and was based on the classic Philippine short story “Tanabata’s Wife”, set in the 1920s. The film stars Miyuki Kamimura, Mai Fanglayan, and Kurt ‘Ayeo-eo’ Alalag in the leading roles.

Tanabata’s Wife Movie Plot

Tanabata-San is a successful Japanese immigrant farmer in La Trinidad Valley in Benguet, where the Japanese have been known to pioneer the planting of salad greens. Middle-aged and lonely, he hires a young feisty Bontoc woman, Fasang, as a farmhand, and falls in love with her. They get married and have a son, but Fasang is attracted to the city lights of Baguio that is now taking shape, and to someone else.

Tanabata’s Wife Movie Cast

Miyuki Kamimura, Mai Fanglayan, Kurt ‘Ayeo-eo’ Alalag, Danilo ‘Guintapan’ Bulanay, Yoshiro Takada, Yoshihito Tsukasa, Shane ‘Gawani’ Daweg, Rainell ‘Agwed’ Cosme, John Rey Sagamla, Brian Arda,
Lito Casaje, Kislap Alitaptap

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