Tampisaw Full Movie (2002)

Tampisaw is a 2002 Filipino drama film considered a classic bold movie. It was directed by Francis Posadas and written by Dennis C. Evangelista.

The film stars Aleck Bovick, Aimee Torres, and Ana Capri and was produced and distributed by Tri-vision Films.

Tampisaw Movie Storyline

Maritess is a shy and innocent probinsyana girl who is doing all the chores inside the house while her younger sister Maribel is always having fun. Maritess always sees her sister making love and this leads her to wonder what it is like to have sex.

She eventually falls in love and indulges herself in lovemaking.

Tampisaw Cast

Aleck Bovick, Aimee Torres, Ana Capri, John Apacible, MelissaMendez, Alberto De Esteban, Paolo Rivero, Pinky Amador, Roy Alvarez, Nonong De Andres, Jessica Pica, Lynn Madrigal, Josie Alvarez, Gerry Roman, Donato Geluz

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