Takaw Tukso Full Movie (1986)

Directed by Willam Pascual, Takaw Tukso is a Filipino drama film released in 1986 that made its mark in the Filipino film industry taking home a total of 6 awards and being nominated in 7 different categories at the Gawad Urian Awards.

With a powerful cast each depicting unique and strong characters that brought life, lust, and love, this film was written by Armado Lao surely hit the mark about the social rules between the sexes.

Takaw Tukso Movie Plot

The film is about four attractive and exceptional people lusting after each other. After an infuriating fight with her mother, spoiled and unhappy Debbie (Anna Marie Gutierrez) left her home and eloped with an equally spoiled brat Boy (Gino Antonio), the cousin of her boyfriend, Nestor (Julio Diaz).

After getting married they decided to stay in the house of Boy and Nestor with matriarchal Aling Conching (Anita Linda) with them.

This living arrangement is extremely disturbing for Nestor and to Debbie’s best friend, the ugly duckling Letty (Jaclyn Jose) who has been attracted to Nestor for a very long time. Letty saw an opportunity in the awkward situation to get closer to Nestor and after a night of passion, they got married and settled in the room next to Boy and Debbie.

With the constant display of downright hate from Boy’s mother, Aling Conching to Debbie for entrapping her son, the two couples tried to satisfy their itch and their quest for some relief from their unhappy state all in the main setting of a house beside a small auto repair shop.

Takaw Tukso Movie Cast

Jaclyn Jose, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Gino Antonio, Daniel Fernando, Julio Diaz, Anita Linda, and many more.

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