Tagos ng Dugo Full Movie (1987)

Tagos ng Dugo Movie stars Vilma Santos as Josefina ‘Pina’ Ramos Regala, a woman who turned into a serial killer and kills men during their sexual encounter.

Produced by V.H. Films (Via Hoffman) and directed by Maryo J de Los Reyes, this suspense thriller film earned FAP Best Musical Score award for Jaime Fabregas and FAMAS Best Actress for Vilma Santos.

Tagos ng Dugo Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, young Pina (Strawberry) had her first menstruation. During a circus act, she saw her father accidentally killing a woman. One night, when Pina was suffering from dysmenorrheal, a group of men entered their house and killed her parents and older sister. She was raped and traumatized while growing up.

Twelve years later, Pina (Vilma Santos) stayed with her aunt Mona (Caridad Sanchez) and her cop husband, Capt. Damian Guerrero (Tony Santos, Sr), worked as a servant in his police station, where she met police officer Andy (Francis Arnaiz). But because of her dark past, she started seducing men and killed them while they are making love.

Tagos ng Dugo Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Francis Arnaiz, Michael de Mesa, Tony Santos, Sr, Richard Gomez, Miguel Rodriguez, Caridad Sanchez, Alicia Alonzo, Lucita Soriano, Strawberry, Bing Davao, Joey Marquez, Lito Pimentel. Mark Joseph, Dante Castro, Anna Feliciano, Ross Rival, Kristel Romero, Janet Beltran, Archi Adamos, Nina Lorenzo, Raquel Villavicencio, Chinggay Feliciano, and many more.

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