Tabon Full Movie (2019)

Tabon is a mystery crime Filipino film and was an official entry in the 2019 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

It serves as Xian Lim’s directorial & screenwriting debut. As one of the country’s premier leading men & the other half of ‘KimXi,’ Lim described his behind the scene venture as part of his natural progression as an artist.

The concept was brought to life by his fascination for caves & being primarily influenced by his mother who was an aficionado of the mystery-thriller genre. The concept expanded with his participation in Ricky Lee’s screenwriting workshop

Tabon Movie Plot

One night, Ian (Christopher Roxas) received a phone call from a police inspector (Richard Manabat). Ian was informed that his estranged dad, Amang, (Menggie Cobarrubias), was dead. Initially, Ian was reluctant to go back to his hometown since he resented his father for sending him away.

He was later convinced by his pregnant wife Erika (Ynna Asistio) to reconsider due to financial considerations. Together with their daughter Joy (Bapbap Reyes), they journeyed back to Ian’s town.

The murder case had been narrowed down to three suspects (Leon Miguel, Benjie Felipe, and Lao Rodriguez) & only one was telling the truth. The inspector had them secretly detained for interrogation.

As it turned out, Amang was not just the small town’s celebrated faith healer but a cult leader & Ian was in for a trap.

Tabon Movie Cast

Christopher Roxas, Ynna Asistio, Dexter Doria, Bapbap Reyes, Menggie Cobarrubias, Leon Miguel, Benjie Felipe, Lao Rodriguez, Richard Manabat, & many more.

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