Syota Ng Bayan Full Movie (2001)

Syota Ng Bayan is a 2001 Filipino romance drama film directed by Romy V. Suzara and starring Priscilla Almeda (Abby Viduya) in the titular role. This is one of her bold movies.

Syota Ng Bayan Full Movie Movie Plot

Syota ng Bayan is Tanya Marquez (Priscilla Almeda), a starlet who quits showbiz and goes back to her hometown.

Upon knowing that a cement factory is causing a lot of havoc in the environment and in the lives of her townmates, she challenges the incumbent of Mayor Golano (Eddie Garcia) to have it closed. When denied, Tanya rallies the people in protest but is silenced.

The mayor’s opponents prevail upon Tanya’s to run for mayor in the coming elections against Golano’s son, Peter Lee (Tonton Gutierrez). During the campaign period, Tanya and Peter Lee meet and fall in love.

Syota Ng Bayan Full Movie Movie Cast

Priscilla Almeda, Tonton Gutierrez, Eddie Garcia, Camille Roxas, Marites Temple, Ray Ventura, Maritess Samson, C.J. Laurel, Paolo Robles, Princess Obaldo, Romy Romulo, Boy Roque, Lindsay Kennedy, Crispin Pineda, Susan Corpuz

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