Sutla Full Movie (1999)

Sutla is a 1999 Filipino romance drama film directed by veteran director Romy V. Suzara. The film stars Priscilla Almeda (Abby Viduya) and Garry Estrada in lead roles. Sutla is one of Priscilla Almeda’s bold movies.

Sutla Movie Plot

Sutla (Almeda) is living with her father and sister in the countryside who runs a silk-producing worm business. Her father was left by her mother when she was young.

Her desire to find her mother brought her into the City where she experienced a different life. Will her life flourish in the City?

Sutla Movie Cast

Priscilla Almeda, Gary Estrada, Samantha Lopez, Ray Ventura, Jethro Ramirez, Dinah Dominguez, Romy Romulo, Jessette Prospero, Idda Yaneza, Ed Aquino, Diding Andres, Melvi Cristobal, A.J. Propero, Joanna Ortega, Jacklyn Manzano

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