Sunday Night Fever Full Movie (2020)

Sunday Night Fever is a 2020 romantic drama film written by Richard Reynante and directed by Lemuel Lorca.

The movie is produced by Cinebro and distributed exclusively by iWant.

Sunday Night Fever Plot

Mikey is at the peak of his career as a chef, but to everyone’s confusion, he remains single and unattached. Unbeknownst to them, beneath his manly and innocent good looks lies an insatiable, dark secret. Armed with a telescope, he spies on unsuspecting women inside condo units across his own.

One fateful night, his sights catch onto Kim as she makes love to her rich middle-aged partner, Rudy.

Their worlds collide when Kim and Rudy begin frequenting the posh restaurant Mikey co-owns. With a common desire to satisfy their needs, Kim and Mikey embark on a dangerous love affair that puts their lives in peril.

Sunday Night Fever Cast

Diether Ocampo, Nathalie Hart, Ricky Davao, Fabio Ide, Mailes Kanapi, Lui Manansala, Frida Monroe, Rolando Inocencio, Eian Rances, Allan Villafuerte, Jenny Jamora, Sweetie Cayetano, Christian Vinesa, Jeniffer Dela Cruz, Kim Villanueva

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