Sundalong Kanin Full Movie (2014)

Sundalong Kanin is a 2014 Philippine independent drama film written and directed by Janice O’Hara and stars Nathaniel Britt, Ian De Leon, and Marc Abaya. The film was produced and distributed by Cinemalaya Foundation.

Sundalong Kanin Plot Summary

Armed with nothing more than hand-made tiradors and baril de pana, Nitoy, Benny, Carding, and Badong are determined to become soldiers and fight for their country.

Sundalong Kanin tells the beginning history of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in 1941.

The film centers on four children who daily play fake warfare in their leisure. The story has led their lives to an actual war, making the kids think that they may become part of it, bringing a mindset that it’s easy to become a heroic patriot and defend their loved ones from getting hurt.

Sundalong Kanin Cast

Nathaniel Britt, Ian De Leon, Marc Abaya, Gardo Versoza, Via Veloso, Enzo Pineda, Paolo O’Hara, Che Ramos, Diana Alferez, Dante Balois, Elijah Canlas, Angelo Martinez, Akira Morishita

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