Sleepless Full Movie (2015)

Sleepless is a 2015 Filipino drama film directed by Prime Cruz and written by Jenilee Chuaunsu. It stars Glaiza De Castro, Dominic Roco, and TJ Trinidad in the leading roles.

Sleepless was produced by The Idea First Company and Indioboy Productions.

Sleepless Plot

Gem and Barry are two lonely people who can’t sleep. They spend hours lying awake while every- one else is asleep. They are both stuck in a rut, both of them working dead-end jobs at a call center.

Gem can’t seem to let go of a stifling relationship while Barry can’t let go of a great loss. They explore the city at night and find ways to kill time. Though there’s certain loneliness when you’re awake in the dead of night, there’s also a bond that develops.

Gem and Barry talk about zombies, love, and everything in between. Together they fight the loneliness that keeps them awake. In the end, they realize, that even though you cannot cure insomnia, you just need someone to lean on until the sun comes up.

Sleepless Cast

Glaiza De Castro, Dominic Roco, TJ Trinidad, Bea Galvez, Irma Adlawan, Dennis Marasigan

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