Sister Stella L Full Movie (1984)

Sister Stella L Movie stars Vilma Santos as an activist nun who joined protest rallies against a local oil factory.

Produced by Regal Films and directed by Mike de Leon, this controversial socio-political film won 10 major awards out of 25 nominations and earned a Golden Lion award nomination in the 1985 Venice Film Festival for Mike de Leon.

Sister Stella L Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Sister Stella Legaspi (Vilma Santos) is a nun who serves as a guidance counselor in their congregation.

Then, her ex-boyfriend and now journalist Nick Fajardo (Jay Ilagan) visits her and asked her about her opinion on nuns being involved in socio-politics. She told him she knows only a little about it.

But one day, Sister Stella Bautista (Laurice Guillen), a radical colleague of Sister Stella L, went to their congregation and ask for help about a protest strike against the unfair labor practices of a local oil factory.

Challenged and eager to help, Sister Stella L started to help them and joined the strike. When protest leader Ka Dencio (Tony Santos Sr) was abducted, tortured, and killed, Sister Stella L took her stand to continue the fight.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Sister Stella L Movie:

1985 FAMAS Awards

* Best Supporting Actor (Tony Santos Sr)
* Best Editing (Jess Navarro)

1985 FAP Awards

* Best Picture
* Best Director (Mike De Leon)

1985 Gawad Urian Awards

* Best Picture
* Best Director (Mike De Leon)
* Best Actor (Jay Ilagan)
* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)
* Best Supporting Actor (Tony Santos Sr)
* Best Supporting Actress (Laurice Guillen)
* Best Screenplay (Jose F. Lacaba, Jose Almojuela, and Mike De Leon)
* Best Music (Ding Achacoso)
* Best Editing (Jess Navarro)
* Best Sound (Ramon Reyes)

1985 Star Awards for Movies

* Movie of the Year

Sister Stella L Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Jay Ilagan, Gina Alajar, Laurice Guillen, Tony Santos Sr, Anita Linda, Liza Lorena, Eddie Infante, Ruben Rustia, Adul de Leon, Rody Vera, Malou de Guzman, Pen Medina, Jojo Sanchez, Raquel Villavicencio, Fred Capulong, Joe Jardi, Waldo Reyes, Jimmy Reyes, George Wendth, Fernando Modesto, and many more.

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