Sisid Full Movie (2001)

Sisid is a 2001 Filipino drama film written by Jerry Gracio and Rody Vera and directed by Joey Romero. The film stars Rodel Velayo, stage actor Raymond Bagatsing, and Assunta de Rossi in the main roles.

The movie’s plot is an intricate reality in the ebb of life-changing secrets. After Assunta’s rise in Red Diaries of Regal films, Seiko films made sure they secured her for this movie.

Sisid Movie Plot

Rio (Assunta de Rossi) is the daughter of a fishpond owner in Laguna. Her father assigned Fidel (Rodel Velayo) to be her driver. Although both have opposite personalities and life stature with Rio being a spoiled brat and Rodel as an orphan, both develop a fondness for each other.

Rio is then kidnapped. Unbeknownst to her, Fidel had played a part in it. Fidel explained that he was only forced by his foster father to commit the crime but he was still incarcerated for five years.

Raymond Bagatsing (Nonoy) is a struggling videographer who meets Lily (de Rossi), a sensual underwater performer in a nightclub. Because of Nonoy’s bitter past and the betrayals he experienced, he promises to never succumb to love again. But with Lily’s caring nature, he falls for the woman.

Fidel is determined to find Lily after he’s freed from jail. He then meets Lily in a nightclub. He intensely pursues her and convinces her that she is his long-lost former lover. As Nonoy feels threatened by Fidel’s presence, both fight for the attention of the same woman.

Sisid Movie Cast

Apart from the main characters, Raymond Bagatsing, Assunta de Rossi, and Rodel Velayo, supporting actors like Karen Montelibano, Nanding Josef, Archie Ventosa, Flora Gasser, Ben Sagmit, Mark Mendez, Shane Caballes, Jon Romano, Mona Sato, Tony Manalo, Karra Kristel, Angel Syquia, Nonoy Villa, Jing Alvarado, Russel Santos, and many others compose this film as well.

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