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Sin Island Movie stars Xian Lim, Coleen Garcia, and Nathalie Hart. Produced by Star Cinema and directed by Gino M. Santos, this erotic thriller is about a happily married couple ruined by the wife’s guilty pleasure that would eventually cause the husband to go to a so-called paradise and will do the same. Now, all of them are willing to fight for love.

Sin Island Full MovieSin Island Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Xian Lim plays David, a successful photographer while Coleen Garcia plays Kanika, a flight attendant, and David’s wife.

At the start, their marriage seems to be made in heaven. The trouble began when David had an unfortunate mishap at a wedding he worked for. He then loses appetite for work and Kanika became the breadwinner. However, she had a one-night stand with (Stephen) TJ Trinidad, a pilot.

When David learned about this, he left her and went to Sinilaban Island alone to have a vacation. There, she met Tasha (Nathalie Hart), a gorgeous woman who was once cheated on by her lover. Shortly, the two made love and became comfortable with each other.

Later, Kanika followed David and the couple tried to rekindle their marriage. However, Tasha will allow David to leave him. Now, may the toughest woman wins.

Sin Island Movie Cast

Coleen Garcia, Xian Lim, Nathalie Hart, TJ Trinidad, Bernard Palanca, Dominic Ochoa, Thou Reyes, Desiree Del Valle, Nikki Valdez, Lito Pimentel, Ricardo Cepeda, McCoy De Leon, Marina Benipayo, Joyce Ann Burton, Charlie Dizon, Jerome Tan, and many more.

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