Simplicity Full Movie (2018)

Simplicity is a 2018 Filipino-language family drama film written by David Hulbert and directed by Hulbert himself and Kazuhiko Parungao. The film was produced by Tee Radio Media Entertainment, TwinMark Media Enterprises, and iDOLTap Productions and Studios.

Simplicity Plot

Maria and her four best friends get a chance to live their dreams and compete on their favorite talent show because of a viral video that rocketed them to instant fame. Simplicity is music and dance-infused light-hearted comedy with lovable relatable characters and unforgettable one-liners. Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Simplicity Cast

Jelai Andres, Mary Joy Apostol, King Badger, Isabel Pearl Bautista, Agassi Ching, Jako De Leon, Barbie Jhade Elias, Francis Timbol Fabie, Solenn Heussaff, Mj Labenia, Sachzna Laparan, Eisen Lim, Angelita Loresco, Kelvin Miranda, Alexa Miro

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