Silip Full Movie (2007)

Silip is a 2007 Filipino drama film directed by Joel Lamangan and written by Raquel Villavicencio. Starred by Diana Zubiri with her leading man Polo Ravales.

Francine Prieto was added to the scene as Polo Ravales’ mistress. Silip is translated into the English word “peek”, which means to have a quick, furtive look at something or maybe someone. It was produced by Christopher Rodriguez and Robbie Tan.

Silip Plot

In the movie, Tess played by Diana Zubiri was a waitress in a restaurant in the province. She met Rico played by Polo Ravales, a traveling salesman. She was immediately swept off from her feet by the attractive and charming Rico.

They married and settled down on an isolated farm inherited by Rico from his parents. Rico went on a sales trip and Tess became lonely after a week. A woman named Celia played as Francine Prieto stumbled by her doorstep and Tess befriended her out of her loneliness on the farm.

Rico returned from his sales trip and Tess noticed that Celia and Rico are seemed to be acting like more than friends. She tries to find some proof that they are having some affair and that is when Tess caught Rico and Celia on the bed. She went hysterical and tries to harm them. Tess then knew that Celia was not a stranger to his house but yet was Rico’s past relationship.

Silip Cast

Diana Zubiri. Polo Ravales,Francine Prieto,Fritz Chavez,Cris Daluz, Eva Darren ,Tony Mabesa, Dennis Marasigan  ,Willy Moreno, Jim Pebanco, Tony Ramos, Joel Tolosa and many more.

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