Sila-Sila Full Movie (2019)

Sila-Sila (English working title: The Same People) is a 2019 award-winning Filipino independent drama film directed by Giancarlo Abrahan.

The movie is Abrahan’s second Best Picture recognition; his first being Paki which was also recognized at the 2017 Cinema One Originals film festival. The movie, which tackles modern-day LGBT relationships, received a nod from movie critics.

Headlining the stellar cast members are theater actor Gio Gahol and newbie talent Topper Fabregas who plays Gab and Jared, Dwein Baltazar, and Phi Palmos as the leads’ best friends, and many more. Sila-Sila was honored Best Picture at the 2019 Cinema One Originals film festival.

Sila-Sila Movie Plot

Gab (Gahol) and Jared (Fabregas) are ex-lovers who met in high school and have been in a relationship for years. After an argument that eventually led to the long-time couple’s breakup, Gab packs his bags and ghosts Jared to pursue his career in the province. Their breakup is traumatic not just for the couple, but for their best friends as well.

A year after his disappearance, Gab returns to Manila and rekindles contact with his high school best friends played by filmmaker Dwein Baltazar and actor Phi Palmos. Gab, who has developed trust issues after his long-term relationship, is wary about trusting his friends who are also his ex’s friends.

As the ex-couple belong to the same circle, they experience a series of awkward run-ins. During a reunion with several of their high school friends, Gab realizes that they are all the same, as he and his friends struggle to keep the relationships they have established afloat despite their personal challenges.

Sila-Sila Movie Cast

Gio Gahol, Topper Fabregas, Bart Guingona, Phiphi Palmos, Adrienne Vergara, Jasmin Curtis Smith, Dwein Baltazar, Sunshine Teodoro, Jay Gonzaga, Juan Miguel Severo, Meanne Espinosa, Kych Minemoto, Thea Marabut, Boo Gabunada, Vincent Pajara

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