Sigurista Full Movie (1996)

Sigurista is a 1996 Philippine drama film directed by Tikoy Aguiluz. It stars Michelle Aldana, Gary Estrada, and Ruby Moreno.

Sigurista was produced and distributed by Neo Films and was written by Tikoy Aguiluz, Jose F. Lacaba, and Amado Lacuesta

Sigurista Plot Summary

By day, Karen is an insurance saleswoman in Manila, but by night she works as an escort in a club. She is very successful at selling insurance to her escort clients.

On the weekends she returns to her husband and daughter in the provinces, who are living amongst the volcanic ash from Mount Pinatubo. She is forced to take stock of her life when Sonny, a rich car dealer, offers to set her up in an apartment.

Sigurista Cast

Michelle Aldana, Gary Estrada, Ruby Moreno, Albert Martinez, Julio Diaz, Pen Medina, Eddie Rodriguez, Liza Lorena, Suzette Ranillo, Teresa Loyzaga, Anthony Castelo, Roy De Guzman

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