Sex Files Full Movie (2002)

Sex Files is a 2002 Filipino erotic thriller and crime drama directed by Joven Tan. The film stars Barbara Milano, Pyar Mirasol, and Halina Perez in leading roles.

The film was written by Dennis Evangelists and produced GH Pictures and Good Harvest Productions, with Regal Films as the main distributor.

Sex Files Storyline

The film is a collection of episodes involving crimes and sex. So many crimes have been committed in the name of sex and extra-marital affairs.

Sex Files Cast

Barbara Milano, Pyar Mirasol, Halina Perez, Pinky Amador, John Apacible, Ana Capri, Kimberly Diaz, Stella L, Lester Llansang, Maria Isabel Lopez, Richard Quan, Paolo Rivero

Watch Sex Files Full Movie

We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie below titled “Alyas Bomba Queen”.

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