Selosa Full Movie (1997)

Selosa (a Filipino term describing a usually jealous woman) is a 1997 Filipino romantic drama film featuring Rosanna Roces, known as one of the hottest actresses in the early 1990s, along with Emilio Garcia and Patrick Guzman. Selosa is one of Rosanna Roces bold movies.

Produced by Octo Arts Films and directed by Mel Chionglo, this is the first film casting Rosanna Roces and Emilio Garcia which was followed by another ST movie “Mapusok” in 1998.

Selosa Movie Plot

In this movie of male-female relationship affection with a touch of jealous obsession, Rosanna Roces plays the lead role of Amanda with Patrick Guzman as her scheming boyfriend Charlie, who holds the belief that the most ideal tactic for a man to make his woman love him more is to instill jealousy in her mind.

Lara Morena and Emilio Garcia come into the picture as Cherrie Pie and Dado forming the proverbial love quadrangle.

Charlie set up a date with Cherrie Pie to intentionally cross paths inside a mall with Dado and Amanda who was also flirting with Dado to get even with Charlie. After a series of encounters resulting from making one another jealous, Charlie still got Amanda pregnant with the former finally deciding to put closure to his “fling” with Cherrie Pie. Both of them ultimately came to realize their shortcomings and mended their relationship winning back each other’s hearts.

Selosa Movie Cast

Rosanna Roces, Patrick Guzman, Emilio Garcia, Lara Morena, Alicia Alonzo, Evangeline Pascual, Susan Africa, Patricia Perez, Randolph Reyes, Roy Rodrigo, Archie Ventosa, Joan Salazar, and Josie Tagle.

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