Saving Sally Full Movie (2016)

Saving Sally is a 2016 English-language Philippine romantic comedy, a live-action animated film directed by Avid Liongoren in his feature film debut.

Starring Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos, and TJ Trinidad, Liongoren co-wrote the screenplay with Charlene Sawit-Esguerra and Carlo Ledesma, based on a short story written by Sawit-Esguerra in 2002, which was titled Monster Town.

The film was produced by Rocketsheep Studio, Mandrake Films, and KB Studios, and was distributed by Solar Pictures.

Saving Sally Plot

In a typical teen film about love, monsters, and gadgets, Marty, an aspiring comic-book artist, secretly loves his gadget inventor best friend, Sally, and fantasizes about saving her from the big bad world.

the film revolves around Marty (Marcos), an amateur comic book artist who falls for Sally (Ramos), a gadget inventor, and has since become her loyal protector and hero from the “monsters”: her abusive parents, and her obnoxious boyfriend Nick (Trinidad).

Saving Sally Cast

Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos, TJ Trinidad, Archi Adamos, Marco Borromeo, Shamaine Buencamino, Teodulfo Granada, Saab Magalona

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