Sabado Nights Full Movie (1996)

Sabado Nights is a Filipino drama movie that was released in 1996 starring Rina Marie Padilla Raymunda also known as Ina Raymundo playing Rina, Michelle Parton as Shiela, and Pilar Pilapil or Pia Pilapil as Lindy to name a few.

The movie lasting 1 hour and 50 minutes was directed by Romy Suzara, Vic del Rosario Jr. as the executive producer and produced under Viva Films and Neo Films.

Sabado Nights Movie Plot

This movie is about three girlfriends who turned into family. The three made it a habit to hang out and go to clubs on Saturday nights as the title suggests. All three wanted many things in life but they all had to go through different experiences to reach their goals.

Rina struggled to find the right man as she’s an independent and strong woman so she resulted to going for three men, Mok Mok, Edgar, and Renzo, at the same time. Lindy, a photojournalist, only wanted two things in life. To have a child and still keep her lesbian lover.

Lastly, Shiela was an upcoming actress who was the main provider of her family. All she wanted was to succeed in her career and have a rich boyfriend.

Unfortunately, she fell in love with a taxi driver who was her service to work. In the unfortunate event of her mother’s passing, she then found out that her taxi driver lover was rich after all.

Sabado Nights Movie Cast

Ina Raymundo, Michelle Parton, Pia Pilapil, Mathew Mendoza, Anthony Cortez, Lander Vera-Perez, Paolo Abrera, Jessica Rodriguez, Dexter Doria, Shintaro Valdez, Bobby Andrews, Gino Ilustre, Eddie Mercado, Melissa Buencamino, Maybelle Cruz, Dana Dela Cruz, Oyee Baro, and Menggie Cobarrubias.

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