Sa Pagitan ng Langit Full Movie (2005)

Sa Pagitan ng Langit is a Filipino drama movie, which was released in 2005 under LUV Productions. The story and screenplay were written by Boy Ranay, while the direction was done by Cesar SB Abella.

The movie leads are Nika Madrid, Raja Montero, Clark Concepcion, and Shanghai. The movie runs for an hour and 20 minutes. The film is one of a number of bold movies by Joyce Jimenez.

Sa Pagitan ng Langit Plot Summary

The movie is about Selina (Nika Madrid), a newly engaged young woman. A cult led by Apo Lorenzo (Clark Concepcion) wanders into their barrio looking for members. Notably, Apo Lorenzo and Selina apparently had history. Selina turned down Apo Lorenzo’s romantic advances in the past.

Apo Lorenzo offered faith healing services in the barrio, which allowed him to take advantage of women. The night before Selina’s wedding to her paramour Rigor (Shanghai), Apo Lorenzo broke into her home and raped her. Apo Lorenzo continued to “heal” other women in the barrio.

Meanwhile, pregnant Selina and her husband started having marital problems. After the child’s birth, Apo Lorenzo barged into their home, and claimed the child as his own, but was driven away and reported by Rigor. With the help of the authorities, Apo Lorenzo was imprisoned, while Selina and her family went on to live in peace/

Sa Pagitan ng Langit Movie Cast

Nika Madrid, Raja Montero, Shanghai, Clark Concepcion, Kim Vasquez, Nonong de Andres, Jaime Cuales, Boy Ranay, Gloria Vidallon, Philip ‘Kid’ Ignacio, Jason Fry  Nolan Candelaria, Glenn Plaza, Wilson Serrano, Ernie Forte, Leslie Baltazar, Elma Lantion, Willy Andra, Blue Seal, Beauty Abayan, Abba Guinoo, Danica Jewel Lantion, Willy Laguerta, Leo Taban, Pete Manimtim, Audilon Vinoya, Thomson John Lantion, Jamaica Balut, Anarose Chee, Wilma Lantion, Mila Vicente, Violy Meniado, Remy Cachola, Eddie Guieb, Fred Mahadis

Sa Pagitan ng Langit Full Movie

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