Requited Full Movie (2017)

Requited is a 2017 Philippine independent adventure-drama film written and directed by Nerissa Picadizo. The film stars Jake Cuenca as the ailing biker who take to the rail for one last adventure that pits him against nature and the woman he desires. The movie was produced to compete in the Cinemalaya Festival.

Requited Movie Plot

The film opens with Matt (played by Jake Cuenca) as he starts his journey out of the city to Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales with just his bike all by himself. He’s trying to run away from something. It’s as if he’s trying to escape. But then, he is constantly bombarded with the ringing of his phone as a girl keeps on calling him. Eventually, he got tired of hearing the constant ringing of his phone that he ended up smashing it and throwing it along the way.

He bikes along with the perils of the EDSA highway to a provincial road, where he comes across the girl calling him on his phone earlier, his best friend Sandy (played by Anna Luna) from whom he had become distant for some period of time. Sandy tags along with him on his trip, which is later revealed to be a plan that the two of them made years ago. Soon, we discover about Matt suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and why he started to grow distant from his best friend. And as the title suggest, it has something to do with an unrequited love for her.

Requited Movie Cast

Jake Cuenca, Anna Luna, Richard Quan, Rommel Luna, Anne Marzan, Albert Chan Paran, Miguel Malonzo, Noubikko Ray

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