Relasyon Full Movie (1982)

Relasyon Movie stars Vilma Santos and Christopher De Leon in one of their memorable roles as lovers via adultery.

Produced by Regal Films and directed by Ishmael Bernal (National Artist for Film), this Vilma-Boyet de Leon movie won 3 major awards out of 7 nominations, and also gave Vilma Santos as the title as the first Grand Slam Queen of Pinoy movies for Best Actress award.

Relasyon Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Maria Lourdes ‘Marilou’ Castañeda (Vilma Santos) and Emil (Christopher De Leon) are lovers.

Marilou works as a Planetarium guide, while Emil is a college teacher and is married to Dorothy, with whom he has a young son. Marilou has a suitor Junjun (Jimi Melendez), a widow but she turned him down. When Emil and Dorothy separated, Emil and Marilou decided to live together as husband and wife.

At first, the couple seems to be perfect for each other and enjoyed each other’s company. But as months pass by, Emil tends to be domineering and emotionally abusive and their relationship turned sour, and was reunited with Dorothy. But because he also loves Marilou, the latter agreed to be his mistress. But later, she learned that Emil has brain cancer.

Below are the awards won by Relasyon movie:

1983 FAMAS Awards

* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)

1983 FAP Awards

* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)

1983 Gawad Urian Awards

* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)

Nominations earned by Relasyon movie:

1983 FAMAS Awards

* Best Actor (Christopher De Leon)

1983 Gawad Urian Awards

* Best Picture
* Best Direction (Ishmael Bernal)
* Best Screenplay (Ricardo Lee, Raquel Villavicencio, and Ishmael Bernal)

Relasyon Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Jimi Melendez, Ernie Zarate, Lucy Quinto, Manny Castañeda, Beth Mondragon, Raquel Villavicencio, Bing Fabregas, Olive Madridejos, Augusto Victa, Dante Castro, Tony Angeles, Thaemar Achacoso, Myrna Rosales, Evelyn Loreto, Christopher Tuazon, Gigette Reyes, and many more.

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