Pulupot Full Movie (2010)

Pulupot is a 2010 Filipino independent drama film directed by Monti Parungao and written by Parungao and Lex Bonife. The film stars Gio Gapas, Justine Ferrer, and Justin De Leon in the leading roles. It was produced by Treemount Pictures.

Pulupot Movie Plot

The story revolves around the lives of callgirls and callboys and the daily challenges they are facing in order to survive.

Pulupot Cast

Gio Gapas, Justine Ferrer, Justin De Leon, Echo Caceres, Joyce Acorda,
Jeff Luna, Ethan Lee, Alexander ‘Tsoknut’ Castillo, Jodi Belo, Marjorie Movilla, K.C. Iwa, Lex Bonife

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